Vidwan Sri. D.S. Srivathsa

Vidwan D.S.Srivathsa stands tall among this generation of star performers of Carnatic music. He is immensely gifted and with several years of pleasantly arduous training in vocal continuously honed by dedicated practice and passion for music.
 Vidwan D.S.Srivathsa’s training began as early as age six, at Bangalore from where he was born. D.S.Srivathsa’s musical lineage is an illustrious one – he has been trained by his Uncle Sangeetha Kalabhushana D.V Nagaraj who has provided D.S.Srivathsa with a specialised training in the highly nuanced technical aspects of rhythm in Carnatic music. He has also been introduced to the art of dance singing by Guru. Kum. B.Bhanumathi, a leading Bharatanatyam dance guru of Bangalore, Srivathsa had the privilege of learning dance from her for five years.  Vidwan D.S.Srivathsa also has been one of the few to be recognized for contribution in the field of Carnatic music, what with the Government of Karnataka honoring him with the prestigious Karnataka Music award Karnataka Kalashree in the year 2010.
A humble person by nature who believes in Sangeetam, that which comprises Geetam (vocal music) and Nrutyam (mime), Vidwan D.S.Srivathsa has travelled all over India, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Europe, Singapore and Middle East countries, and has performed worldwide as a Vocal artiste for leading and emerging  Bharatanatyam dancers. He is also a dance-choreographer, composer and a music teacher.
 His voice is known to all Bharatanatyam dancers in the state of Karnataka in India and also abroad. Dance-music is a discipline in itself and demands a different approach to singing. Vidwan D.S.Srivathsa’s committed engagement with that has been acknowledged by all dancers.
He is married to Soundaryasrivatsa who herself is a successful Bharatanatyam dancer-choreographer and a dance teacher. The Dancer-Singer Couple head the Institution NARTANA KEERTANA, a school, under whose banner music and dance festivals featuring upcoming dancer and musicians are organized.

Awards & Accolades

Among the various awards he has received:
  • ARYA BHATTA Cultural Association conferred him with the Arya Bhatta awards for his outstanding contribution towards Classical Music in the year 2004.
  • He was honored by the Tamil Association (Kundratthu Kumuran Committee) based at Melbourne with “isai Thendral” award in 2004.
  • Karnataka Kalashree award in 2010 by Govt of Karnataka.